Microsoft Retail Management System

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System delivers a complete retail solution that can be run as a stand-alone application in individual stores, as well as connected to the head office.

Inventory and Purchasing Management: Track and manage inventory using inventory types that include standard, serialized, kit assembly, matrix, voucher, non-inventory, and weighed.

Automatically calculate inventory replenishment based on reorder point/restock level or quantity sold.

Streamline buying with ordering levels, best-price suppliers, and automatic purchase order (PO) generation.

Reporting: Drill down to modify the database directly from reports.

Preview, print, or export data in multiple formats.

Quickly drill down from summary reports to detailed reports.

Integration: Use Electronic Draft Capture (EDC) and integrate with leading credit card services to reduce fraud and human error.

Connect retail and financial management through integration with Intuit Quickbooks.

Enhance Microsoft Dynamics RMS with add-in functionality, including eCommerce solutions and mobile/wireless stations.

Transaction Processing: Speed transactions with touch-screen support and user-defined keyboard shortcuts.

Efficiently process and manage sales, work orders, back orders, layaways, and quotes.

Easily look up quantity on hand and item attributes such as extended description and sub descriptions, as well as display a picture.

Pricing and Other Information

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