Hardware Products

Kemper Point of Sale offers all the POS hardware your company will need to implement one of our Point of Sale systems. One of our skilled professionals will guide you and help you select the hardware that best suits your business. Pricing and contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

All in One Terminal

All in One Terminal: An all in one touch terminal is an Intel-based all-in-one computer and touch screen monitor designed for markets that require increased performance at the front-end workstation. With a unique space saving design, it is ideal for hospitality, retail, gaming, kiosk, healthcare, c-store, petroleum, grocery, and a variety of vertical markets.

Point of Sale Terminal

Point of Sale Terminal: A point of sale terminal delivers functionality that far exceeds the point-of-sale capabilities and lifespan of a standard PC. With its space-saving design, it uses only industry-standard technologies, making it an affordable, easier-to-manage platform.

Receipt Printer

Receipt Printer: A receipt printer prints customer sales receipts and store information, many including logos, illustrations and coupons. Receipt printers now offer fast printing, low maintenance, and versatility. Thermal print heads provide fast quiet operation offering 25-33 lines per second.

Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer: An electronic cash drawer can be connected to the POS receipt printer or computer for operation. The cash drawer can work as the platform for other POS devices like an all in one terminal, receipt printer and keyboard to sit. Optionally a cash drawer can be mounted below the counter to free up valuable counter space.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner: A barcode scanner allows you to scan UPC codes and in-house barcodes for customer purchases and inventory control. Barcode scanners for retail and light industrial applications include features and prices that vary greatly among manufacturers and include both corded and wireless models.

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Magnetic Stripe Reader: A magnetic stripe reader, also called a mag stripe reader or MSR, is a hardware device that reads the information encoded in the magnetic stripe located on the back of a credit card, badge ID or VIP card. Magnetic stripe readers are often available in a variety of styles and interfaces.


PIN Pad: A Personal Identification Number (PIN) Pad is an economical way to add debit card capability to payment processing terminals. Requiring minimal counter space, PIN Pads fit easily in the palm of the hand. With some debit card PIN Pads, your customers can slide their cards through the magnetic stripe reader themselves. This debit card terminal feature of never having to relinquish the debit card can increase customer confidence about transaction security and encourages debit card use.

Customer Pole Display

Customer Pole Display: A point of sale Customer Pole Display allows your customers to see how much they are charged for an item, and also the total amount of the sale due. POS system pole display features include automatic message scrolling, and date and time stamp.

Data Collector

Data Collector: A data collector is a batch portable mobile handheld computer that is designed for a multitude of scanning applications including inventory/stock control, shipping and receiving, factory floor data collection, shelf price audits, price checking, and warehousing with ergonomic, single handed operations.

Barcode Printer

Barcode Printer: A barcode printer creates labels or tags utilizing barcode fonts or images. Desktop bar code printers are a good fit for businesses printing low-to-medium volumes of barcode labels and tags up to 4" wide.


Scale: For delis, convenience stores, cafeterias, and grocery point of sale, a POS scale is an essential part of the POS system. Most often used for weighing bulk items in the deli, POS scales connect directly to the POS to transmit the weight of sold goods.

Pricing and Other Information

For information regarding pricing and setup, please give us a call at 812-421-8000 or nationwide 877-533-4777.